Sea Of Bikes

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What We Do

By partnering with school and community leaders, Elves & More is changing lives - one bike at a time. How? By providing a strong incentive to improve reading skills, behavior, and attendance for kindergarten - 3rd grade students.

Each child signs a contract with their teacher. If they meet the contract, they have earned a bike. Students who do not fulfill their contract do not receive a bike. While this is difficult, it also teaches valuable life lessons.  More...

We Need You!

Through 2014 Elves & More has delivered over 144,000 bicycles to underprivileged children.

In 2015 we will give away our 155 thousandth bicycle to a child in the Greater Houston Area.

To reach our goal and to continue changing children's lives one bike at a time we need your help. Each $65 donation buys a bicycle and helmet and gives one elementary school student a better chance of improving their reading skills and behavior, with a positive, direct, and lifelong impact. More...


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